HawksTV Season 1 Road To The Grand Final

Something completely different to usual though I couldn’t help but share. I love the reach this blog has, allowing me to share larger projects to behind the scenes to other completely arbitrary posts!

Now I must introduce you to HawksTV. A concept introduced to the Mens Perry Lakes Hawks Basketball team in 2018 by Marco Noe. Following a dream to cover professional athletes he would spend the majority of the season following the team around, filming a weekly episode, win or loss, a behind the scenes for the players, coaches and fans to follow along closely with the team.

By round 10 the Perry Lakes Hawks had 6 wins 6 losses, though by the end of the season they had 18 wins 8 losses, a massive turn around, finishing in fourth and locking a position in the playoffs. All the while Marcos weekly episodes were causing quite a buzz in the basketball community, creating a large amount of excitement for each game and promoting the sport to new fans. (And even if Marco wont admit created amazing team spirit to push the boys to greater heights.)

I came on board game 1 of the playoffs. Marco was headed London bound and wanted to see the job out so I agreed to finish off the season continuing Marcos weekly episodes. I was promised a couple games were left in them though I had my doubts but agreed that win or loss I would continue to film to the very end.

Turns out I couldn’t be further from the truth quarter final game 1 win, game 2 loss, game 3 decider win. Semi final game 1 loss, game 2 win, game 3 decider win. Before I new it these guys were in the finals! It was such a hard fight to the top but they had made it and by then I was along for the ride. The episodes continued to come out and were a huge learning curve for me, one that I greatly appreciate. Marcos quality of content released so quickly after the games was a goal to chase and by the grand final I was ready to cover the last episode of season 1, the grand final decider, an accomplishment that now I was very proud to undertake and for Marco to complete the season he had worked so hard on.

Being accepted into this team was truly special and am so thankful to be apart of. I watched these guys put everything on the line to chase this goals and they had made it. The Grand final game was truly a delight to film because even before the game began these guys were ready to win and had a drive unmatched to anything I had witnessed so far. That night the Perry Lakes Hawks mens team were Grand final winners! The first trophy for them since 2004 and a huge accomplishment for the club and everyone involved. It is truly mind-blowing that the season has been filmed and can be re lived for long into the future.

Our season 1 of HawksTV has come to an end but I couldn’t be prouder of what Marco accomplished and what I was able to finish off. An experience I certainly wont forget and I encourage anyone to at least give the last two nail-biting episodes a watch, a culmination of a lot of hard work by everyone involved.


Go check out Marcos work @ https://www.instagram.com/marconoe_/?hl=en