2015 In Review

First Image Of The Year...

For me 2015 was a year to grow and experiment. I have posted 76 photos since the beginning of the year and have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my photos. Believe it or not I'm actually embarrassed by the quality of my first photo from this year so I'm sorry for that, but hey right now I'm hugely excited with the photos I'm producing and have huge plans coming into the new year.

Lessons Learnt 

The quality of my presence became something I put a lot of work into, initially I attempted quantity over quality. Posting every day was my goal though I ended up just feeling burnt out and not producing photos people wanted to see. So I eventually put more time in planning each shot and going after exactly what I wanted. One big change has been my editing process. Along with putting more time into preparation I now go into microscopic detail into each of my photos. By learning a number of in depth photoshop tricks and tips I have full control over my photos achieving the exact look I want and then exporting them in the best quality I can. By getting this process down effectively is crucial for modern day photographers.

On Top Of Bluff Knoll (2015)

Since the beginning of the year much of my time has been spent experimenting in different areas of photography. Yes Landscape photography is what I'm known for and what I went after first however I feel I have only touched the surface of what I can do. Thus since the beginning of the year I have been busy behind the scenes in broadening what I can do publishing a couple of portrait and wedding photos along the way. By not giving away to much information people photos are where I'm headed and with this in mind I hope I can share more of these images in the future and really take my photography to the next level.

Business and networking has been one of the final big shifts I have made this year. Since January I have created a website and a portfolio that I'm hugely proud of and has been a number of years in the making. Not only that but have also released an online store and created a number of business cards to be used and handed out to spread the word about my work. At the end of the day I want to turn my photography into a business but if I don’t market or treat myself as one, I won’t be recognised as a professional, so logically this was a crucial way to go. 

Going into 2016...

I have some big plans on the horizon I'm hugely excited about. Though it's also scary times, next year I won’t have uni to fall back, as of right now I have finished my degree and won't be headed back to uni, so I'll be left all on my own... though I'm ready to take on the challenge. And you guys are along for the ride!! I will be a busy boy on social media delivering content for all to enjoy and hope I can look back on next year full of huge accomplishments and big steps forward for my photography. I have left below my top ten favourite images from 2015 so check it out!!