My Most Cherished Memories

I couldn't help but write about one of my most precious memories from last months trip to Fiji. Out of all the epic landscapes and mind-blowing activities we did I hold in top regard however our special visit to Conua District School.

After a half an hour bus journey on unsealed roads we arrived at a small school that accommodates the children from the nearby villages along the Sigatoka River in Fiji. From the get go we were welcomed into the school with open arms and greeted in every classroom we walked into.

Though we weren't their for just a meet and greet, we had a much better cause to be apart of. For the last several years people have volunteered their time to help renovate and rebuild a number of the schools classrooms and utilities, giving us a great chance to get our sweat on and lay some bricks and cement for a new classroom expected to be completed later this year.

Below I have attached some of my most cherished memories of my visit to Conua District School. Meeting the teachers and students was such a refreshing and humbling experience I can not put into words, the joy and hope I have for these kids in the future is very exciting! If I ever get the chance to return I would in a heartbeat to really get to this community and make a real difference to my new found Fijian friends, Bula!!