Vietnam has always been a place for me of curiosity and wonder...

Jumping off the plane in Hanoi Vietnam 2 weeks before Luna New Year, welcomed us to the chaos of this sprawling metropolis. With its prominent french architecture and millions of scooters zipping around there is always something to see and do in this wild city. However once we moved into the countryside of Vietnam the true culture of this nation began to show itself. From Halong Bay in the east, to Sapa in the north and all the way to Saigon in the South we explored this beautiful country full of colourful landscapes and loving people. 

Hanoi -> Sapa -> Mai Chau -> Halong Bay -> Saigon

Modernisation and development in Vietnam has been rapid in big cities however out in the countryside many towns and villages have been left untouched for generations. 


One moment you are left with this huge expansive green landscape, the next your stuck in thick fog like the previous image before. Certainly unnerving hiking these tracks where you can't see the edge beside you!!


Wish I could wake up to this view every morning! Cruising through Halong Bay will certainly be a journey I'll never forget.


Vietnam to me was a county of wonder that I wanted to witness first hand for myself for a very long time. By what I have seen I can honestly say that this is a fantastic country with a lot to offer travellers and adventurers alike. Besides Vietnam being one of the fastest growing economies much of the country is still embracing their lifestyle they have had for generations. Memorable highlights for me are the condensed milk coffee's in Hanoi to the fantastic rice fields in Mai Chau and the beauty of sailing through Halong Bay. I couldn't recommend Vietnam enough for your next global getaway!!

Michael Evans