The Aquarium

For the last few months we have been troubled by weather whenever we planned a trip to the south west of WA, Australia. After a really wet and cold winter and an unusually mild summer we had spent many rainy days inside, until the weather subsided and we planned our day out in the sun.


We have been recommended a number of times to check out an amazing rockpool known as the aquarium. Trying to find it previously we have gotten badly lost, rained out and have been close to giving up! But with the sun shining and a free day ahead we were determined to make it happen.

The aquarium is a geological masterpiece! Waves crash over the rocks in high tide into a deep pool that brings in fish and other sea creatures. Trapping them in a sustainable habitat whish is great for snorkelling and discovering the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna. After soaking up the sand, sun and sea until the offshore breeze slowly picked up we decided to pack up and keep searching the beautiful south west.