Keeping It Simple

Heading towards sunset the wind subsided and the World stopped...



My favourite work in photography are those who can produce powerful imagery in a very simple looking snapshot. 



i've always been interested in provoking a sense of 'wonderlust' in my images. Its always my goal to take a persons breathe away and produce simply beautiful images. And more recently I have been wanting to bring a more human element into my outdoor work and I was lucky enough for a number of circumstances to come together and produce some images that even surprised me!


One of my biggest idols is a photographer whose name is Chris Burkard and I highly recommend you check out his work. He loves to depict people exploring amongst the beautiful exciting expanse of nature and around the world, plus he is a huge inspiration on me (just to give you some context). 


On the day weather was not ideal. I had always had the idea to use the kayaks in some upcoming images but never found the opportunity for it. Though heading towards sunset the wind subsided and the world seemed to stop, begging for this opportunity to be brought to life. I cannot explain the peacefulness of the situation watching the sunset go down, floating on the water with the only noise the water lapping against the kayak, there was nothing better and I hope I was able to portray those feelings in the images. I really felt I was their simply to capture this moment in time and as the sun began to set I put the camera down and really took it all in. I can't remember the last time I've put away the camera in front of a setting sun but it really was an unbelievable night and having these images to remember it by makes it all the more special. 



I hope you enjoyed this quick little piece on my most recent work. Let me know what you would like me to discuss in the future and keep an eye of for a number of upcoming exciting posts.