The Beauty of Horse Riding For the Unenlightened


Everyday we pass through life at a record pace. Theres nothing wrong with being always on the go, maximising our hours in the day though I know we are always looking for ways to unwind and relax. I believe it is our 12th or so visit to the South West and I appreciate the landscape that it's some of the best in Australia. However on our most recent adventures I reached a whole new understanding of it when we visited Jesters Flat.

Jesters Flat is home to one of the cosiest and most welcoming horse riding locations I’ve ever seen. As we pulled down the dirt road we were welcomed by a number of horses watching us from one side while vineyards lined the other. 


Once inside we were welcomed with open arms. Putting on our boots in front of a roaring fire with a handful of dogs and our soon to be appointed horses. With little to no horse riding experience I certainly wasn’t to comfortable, though after some trust building exercises and the realisation that our horse riding history as a human race dates back for more than a millennium I was more than happy to give it a shot.

As we headed off on our sunset ride I began to realise I had hugely underestimated the trip.


What I did not expect was the absolute serenity of it all. The rhythmic bounce of this majestic animal beneath you, along with the flick of his tail and a resounding snort of his nostrils. With hooves clapping against the uneven terrain, listening to the wind and the birds, you can’t help but pay attention to the beautiful scene around us. A beautiful landscape and the golden light pours through and butterflies dance in the last light of the day.


Crossing through a variety of terrain and as light started to fade we returned to the camp and our cosy spot by the fire. We had both bonded with our fury companions and it was a sad farewell as they made their way back to their paddocks for the night.

With one last surprise in store we were greeted with 2 glasses of wine which was produced from the grapes at the front of the property and some fresh wood fired bread, additionally we also got some locally sourced mandarins (from the neighbours). 

Staying until darkness was truly upon us we felt it was as close as you can get to a perfect afternoon. We cannot recommend Jesters Flat Horse Riding enough and our guide Chelsea was a true gem.

All said and done we can not wait to go horse riding again. It takes away all means of modern ways of living and replaces it with a truly humbling and traditional approach to enjoying the great outdoors.

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